Before setting up her own practice in 1987, Victoria worked for the established Melbourne firms of Eggleston MacDonald and Secomb (1978—1981), Gunn Williams Fender (1982—1986), as well as the prestigious New York Firm Hardy Holzmann Pfieffer (1981—1982).

Her work has been written about and photographed for magazines such as ‘Belle’, ‘Home Beautiful’ and ‘Trends’, and featured on television shows ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’ and ‘Our House’.

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We are a small to medium size architectural practice that undertakes a variety of projects. Predominantly they are residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The residential projects can be single or multiple units and may be completely new or alterations & additions. 

The company has been in operation for 30 years. Our emphasis is on a quality product with the design creating a feeling of space, to provide maximum natural light and most importantly, a timeless appearance. 

Victoria Hamer Architects is a registered architectural company with the Architects Registration Board. Victoria Hamer is also a registered architect and a Fellow Member of the Australian Institute of Architects.


We aim to combine materials and technologies with our own innovation, so as to create architecture that surpasses current trends. The purpose is to provide an environment that will be appreciated both now, and in the years to come. Focusing on the use of light and space, we strive to incorporate material elements to create liveable buildings of an international standard.

As an office, we are very conscientious in regards to the environment, and our use of its precious resources. Consequently, whenever we can, we propose energy efficient and environmentally sensitive design solutions to our clients. Beyond that, our commitment is to an Architecture that avoids dependence on passing fashions in favour of a more ‘timeless’ and enduring aesthetic, that ensures our buildings will remain useful and attractive in the long term. 

This allows for the buildings to represent a wise and useful use of the financial and energy resources, and to be devoted to their construction, and remain so throughout their useful lives.  

We endeavour to run our projects seamlessly, in accordance with our client’s time frame and budget requirements. To this end, we advocate a good working relationship with consultants and builders and getting their input early in the project.